About Silk

The Snow Blossom's Silk & How To Choose A Silk Filled Duvet

Pronounced 'Si', calligraphy by Natalie using traditional brush, this is the Chinese symbol for silk. Silk is regarded as the best and the most luxurious natural fibre next to us. Silk is a naturally Hypoallergenic, breathable and thermal fibre that helps to balance body temperature, keeping you incredibly comfortable to sleep under our duvets, as they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our Natural and Organic Silk

Our silk is natural and organic fibre. Our long mulberry silk is farmed organically in a tranquil environment. Our silk floss is specially extracted (pulled) by hand from teasing silk threads from a coccon and made into a cap shape ready to air dry. Then these silk floss caps are stretched & layered into the duvets. Please watch this process in the video below, which is an extremely important process. Most companies do this process with machine extracting and softeners (or conditioners) & bleach are added. As you see here we treat each cocoon with hands in a much more hygienic environment. All our duvets, pillows and mattress toppers are certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification. Watch out this certification. Please watch how to choose a silk duvet at the bottom of the page.


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust-mites making it the best alternative for a peaceful, allergy free sleep. Our silk is so gentle to skin that our silk filled duvets are suitable for eczema and asthma suffers and helps to relief itchiness.

Light and Soft

The high quality mulberry silk fibre feels luxuriously fine, light and soft. Our silk filled duvets are so light that they drape perfectly around the contours of your body, leaving no cold spot and ensuring you a good night's sleep. Our duvets make a perfect solution for people who suffer from the discomfort caused by the heaviness of their duvets, such as Parkinson's Disease sufferers.


Silk is a naturally breathable fibre, giving you extremely cosy and undisturbed sleep. Many people reported that they or their children no longer feel overheated or sweaty during the night but feel more restful and refreshed by using Snow Blossom's pure silk filled duvets. Our duvets are also ideal for women who suffer from 'hot flushes' caused by menopause.


Silk is a very strong and durable material although it's so fine and soft. Have you seen antique silk rugs still remain beautifully after a long time?

Amazingly Beneficial for Dry Skin and Hair

Silk retains natural moisture to skin and hair, and is extremely gentle. Silk has been successfully and scientifically used in many skin care products to help reducing wrinkles and in hair products to help hair looking glossy. Do you know, long, long ago, that Chinese women used pieces of silk to comb and smooth their hair?


Silk is a naturally thermal fibre. Our silk filled duvet will keep you gently warm but not overheated. A pure silk scarf is recommended by some doctors to wear around your neck if you have neck pain. Why? This is because silk constantly keeps you warm, regulates your body temperature and is gentle to your skin.


Silk is the most hygienic material to be used as bedding.

The Maths of Silk

1 female moth produces 500 eggs

  • 10kg mulberry leaves feed 500 silkworms
  • 500 silkworms makes 1000g cocoons
  • 1000g cocoons makes 150g raw silk
  • 150g raw silk makes 1.8m2 silk fabric