Snow Blossom Limited, created by me, Natalie Xiao Bell, is a UK based company providing the exquisite range of silk bedding and bamboo fibre bedding. Snow Blossom has established its high reputation by offering the high quality products, unique and personal touches in designs and superb service to its discerning customers in the UK and around the world.

Silk has been related to my childhood memories. I used to cultivate silk cocoons as a hobby and donated them to the local communities. Silk had been my family's secret luxury possession during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976) as silk was even regarded as bourgeois item. Wearing silk was a big taboo by then and could be regarded as very offensive.

As a young girl, I had always loved colourful and quality fabric materials. I made my own very first pillowcase when I was nine years old and had learnt tailoring from friends' parents by using templates. I used to make beautiful blouses and skirts and knitted tasteful patterned jumpers, whilst my peers were wearing plain dark coloured Red Guard suits. I was capped as 'The Girl with Bourgeoisie Thoughts'. However I did not understand what bourgeois meant and would never have imagined that I could be a real 'bourgeois' or 'capitalist' and own a successful silk bedding company in the UK! Albeit a 'capitalist' who cares for her clients and her workers' welfare in the manufacturers, and is happy to share some authentic Chinese culture. Herewith I present to you the most wonderful gift from nature - Mulberry Silk!

 is pronounced “Mei” in Mandarin Chinese, is blossom blooms in snowy winter. For thousands of years in China “Mei” has been highly appreciated for its quality, purity, sincerity and its finest beauty. I have added a little cultural touch to make our silk bedding truly original and special.