The Silk Report

Silk price has gone up nearly 40% since last year. Silk becomes one of the most shortage materials. The demand for luxurious silk goes up and the production of silk has decreased. Natural disasters of drought and flood can cause severe deduction of silk production. Silk farming bases in China faced both disasters last year. Plus India dropped the import duty for silk which has also boosted the price up. Do you know that India is the largest importer of silk from China? At the moment silk price has reached the highest in the history. I am keeping eyes on the silk market all the time.

The new silk of this year has just come to the market, which is later than last year because of the colder winter they had. Now there is a sign that the silk farmers start to load up their silk cocoons to sell to the collecting station. Please see the photo. Also, this year’s new silk cocoons’ quality is very good as the weather has been mild and steady during the springtime. We are hoping for the price drop when the supply is sufficient. Also new silk smells more fresh than old silk.

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