Pure Silk Bedding For CSS

CSS stands for Chemical Sensitive Sufferers. In Britain the percentage of CSS is increasing. The widely use of man-made synthetic (hollow fibre) as bedding can increase the number of people who suffer from allergies and chemical sensitivity. Feather or down filled bedding can also cause allergies and nasal congestion.

To create a much more healthy and soothing sleeping environment for these people is vital important. Snow Blossom is offering 100% pure mulberry silk filled duvets, silk filled pillows, silk filled mattress toppers, silk bed linen, silk blankets and silk bedding for babies. Silk is natural organic fibre, as well as hypoallergenic – great for people who suffer from Chemical Sensitivity and other allergies. Silk is naturally breathable, let you skin breath while you are asleep. Because Silk is rich in natural protein and animo acids, it is very gentle and soothing to your nerves, making you sleep better and more restful.

Snow Blossom’s silk bedding is made of pure silk without any chemicals, the CSS and allergy sufferers find them extremely comfortable to sleep with. Sleeping with silk, people generally don’t get overheated. Hence, the silk duvets are excellent for women who suffer from menopause.

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