Get A Pure Silk Face Covering Mask Free When Spend Over £150

At Snow Blossom we care about your wellbeing. We have the most comfortable and breathable face masks than other materials. They are excellent for daily wear and long or short journeys on flights. We give you Free when you spend over £150 on your checkout.

It seems like the Covid-19 pandemic will affect our lives for a long period of time. Wearing a face mask in the public area is essential for our daily lives. We have tried many types and materials of face masks and we find our pure silk ones are the best. There are three layers of pure silk fabric with a layer of raw silk in the middle to give support of the shape around the nose and mouth so you can breathe without any difficulties. 

Protect yourself is to protect your family and your friends. We support and stand by each other to overcome this difficult times!

Wish you all the best and great health from Snow Blossom!

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