BBC2 Gardener's World

I am so delighted to be in BBC2 Gardener's World very briefly Friday 05-Aug 2022 which is tonight at 7:30pm, Sunday at 9:00am and iPlayer.

Gardener's World is a very poplar program on BBC on Friday evenings for people who love gardening. I came across GW first time in early 1990s with an episode Geoff Hamilton researching the original roses in China. I was fascinated by it and since then I became a fan of GW program. I love my garden because I manage, maintain and create my own garden which I am proud of. Everyone can make your garden beautiful no matter how great or small your garden is. Plants can attract wildlife into your garden too. Let's make Britain beautiful! 

I hope you can watch it tonight and if you can get some inspiration I will be very delighted. 

All the best

Natalie xx

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